New Dragonfly
New Dragonfly 2
Maps of Dragonfly [Short] and [Long]
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Short: 1
Long: 18
Previous stage Long: Carpark
Next stage Short: Oilslick
Long: Axehead [Long]

Dragonfly is a track in Destruction Derby Raw. The short version of Dragonfly is the very first track in the game.

Set near a contruction area, Dragonfly is the shape of a half-dragonfly or of an figure of eight. The long variant of Dragonfly has the shape of a full dragonfly or of two figure-of-eights. Both have a large jump at the Start-Finish straight. In the long Dragonfly, you choose to go either into the left or right road, and at the next crossroad you have to switch directions to the other road.


The crossroad

Technically the second Dragonfly isn't necessarily 'long' for any driver, because only one of the roads is chosen to drive on.

In Wreckin' Racing mode, you have to score 1000 points to win the short Dragonfly, so you could just use your turbo boost and be first to complete this stage. To complete the long Dragonfly, you must score 1800 points. It's a pretty long track so there are only 4 laps to complete.

It is very easy to gain points and win in this track, and is a perfect course for beginners. This is likely because the road is very wide in most places. Just remember that cars taking the big jump and colliding with competitors is hurtful for the victim and point-rewarding for the executioner.


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